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Psalm 91 is a remarkable comfort to anyone that struggles with fear. Believers should walk in total victory, filled with faith. And faith comes from continually hearing the Word of God. Take this Psalm and read it often. Affirm the truths of Psalm 91 daily as a personal guarantee from God for your safety and deliverance from anything the enemy throws at you.

Believers should not be thrown about, and always victims. They should be, as Paul declares, rescued from every evil attack (2 Timothy 4:18). This assurance is confirmed by every line in Psalm 91.

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Genesis 2:18

Posted by on January 13, 2012
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After God created the Earth, animals and Adam, He declared everything GOOD. There was only one thing missing – a companion for Adam. This was NOT good.

In this very brief, and often overlooked verse, God makes it clear that He knows and desires that you have a perfect companion.

It is almost humorous how many trillions are wasted annually in vain attempts to find what the world calls love. And far too often, these relationships end in divorce or even worse. This is not God’s will. He wants to match you with the perfect spouse. He wants to teach you to love like He does. When your vertical relationship with God is solid, the horizontal relationships, especially in a marriage, will be solid as well.

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Psalm 23

Posted by on October 31, 2011
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No other Psalm is so widely loved and remembered as Psalm 23. Christians, Jews and many unbelievers could probably recite Psalm 23 from memory with little effort. In just 6 short verses, the completeness of God’s love for mankind is encapsulated.

Written by David, the poem borrows heavily from the memories he had as a young shepherd tending his father’s sheep. David reveals the important role the shepherd plays in protecting and providing for his flock.

You can read Psalm 23 a thousand times in hundreds of Bible translations and the Holy Spirit would still reveal some new and wonderful revelation to your spirit about God’s goodness. I encourage you to read it often.

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