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Healing The Daughter Of Jairus

Healing the Daughter of Jairus – Miracle of Jesus

Free online resources based on Jesus healing the daughter of a Jairus. This story can be found in Matthew, Mark and Luke in the Bible. See below for links to sermons, stories and entertaining sites for this miracle.


Then one of the synagogue leaders, named Jairus, came, and when he saw Jesus, he fell at his feet. He pleaded earnestly with him, “My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” So Jesus went with him. — Mark 5:22-24 <NIV>

Healing the Daughter of Jairus – Summary

After Jesus cast out Legion, he crossed back over the lake and was met by a large crowd. The ruler of the Synagogue, Jairus, had a little daughter on her death bed. He knelt in front of Jesus and declared,

“My daughter is near death, but come and lay your hand on her, and she will live.”

This was a bold faith statement from a religious leader. Many of these same folks were trying to kill Jesus, but Jairus did not care. He desperately needed a miracle and was not going to let his religious beliefs prevent his daughter from being healed.

Jesus did not even answer, but left immediately with Jairus. Jesus did not have to go to his house, but Jairus’ words demanded that Jesus lay his hands on his daughter. His faith depended on this point of contact. And Jesus always responds according to people’s faith. His Word was sufficient in the case of the Centurion and the Nobleman’s son, but a physical touch was requested by Jairus.

On the way to Jairus’ house a large crowd followed, pushing and shoving to touch Jesus. But there was one person pushing a little more than the others, a woman who had been sick for over a decade. She had spent everything trying to get cured and only grew worse. She reached out in faith and touched the very bottom of Jesus garment and immediately was healed. Jesus stopped and asked who touched him. He knew power had been demanded of him. The woman fell at his feet and explained her plight and how she had been healed. Jesus told her that it was her faith that had made her whole.

While Jesus was ministering to the woman with the issue of blood, Jairus stood silently, listening to her testimony. He probably knew this woman and all about her many years of suffering. Surely anxiety and impatience over this delay was taking its toll, but his faith was building, seeing the miracle and hearing the words of Jesus. Just then he heard the words from a messenger that no Father ever wants to hear about their child,

“Your daughter is dead. Don’t bother the teacher anymore.”

At that moment Jairus could have forgotten his faith statement and accepted defeat. Or he could have been overcome with grief or anger over the delay caused by the woman. Instead, he kept quiet, expecting Jesus to continue the journey to his house and raise his daughter as he had requested.

Jesus did not give him much time to consider his choices before telling him, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe, and she will be healed.”

The entourage continued to his house. This must have been somewhat of a journey because the entire community was already mourning the death of Jairus’ daughter. Jesus told them that she was simply sleeping. This crowd who moments earlier were morning the death of a child, now laughed at Jesus. He was not going to confess death or allow the unbelief of the crowd to undermine the faith of the little girl’s family. He sent everyone outside except Jairus, his wife and three of his disciples, Peter, James and John.

The six entered their daughter’s room. And Jesus said, “Get up little girl!”

Immediately, the girl climbed out of bed, completely healed. Jesus told the parents to give her something to eat, and asked them to not tell anyone what happened. The miracle would speak for itself and did not need additional publicity. He wanted the people to believe in him, not in the miraculous. It is faith in Jesus (the Word) that produces miracles. But if the people simply wanted to see signs and wonders, they would never truly receive and believe the Good News.

This miracle teaches us much about the role of words and faith. But it is also important to note that we can use our faith not only for ourselves, but also our family, friends and relatives. That little girl was healed because her father spoke his faith boldly and held onto it even when faced with plenty of evidence to the contrary.

People may laugh at you or ridicule your faith. They may even doubt the power of God and the Word. But take heart from this miracle and remember this: THE GIRL GOT UP!


When Jesus came to the leader’s house, He saw the flute players and a crowd lamenting loudly. “Leave,” He said, “because the girl isn’t dead, but sleeping.” And they started laughing at Him. But when the crowd had been put outside, He went in and took her by the hand, and the girl got up. — Matthew 9:23-25 <HCSB>


Read the healing the daughter of Jairus story in five popular translations – AMP, KJV, HCSB, NIV, The Message:

Healing The Daughter of Jairus Matthew 9:18-26Mark 5:21-43Luke 8:41-56


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Since these miracles are so closely linked, see also Healing The Woman With The Issue Of Blood


Search for Other Christian Web Sites.


Suggested Search Terms: Miracles of Jesus, faith, healing, daughter of Jairus, synagogue official, Capernaum, raising the dead, Matthew 9, Mark 5, Luke 8

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