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Creation Story

The Creation Story Resources

Free online resources based on the Biblical story of Creation. The Creation story can be found in the Bible in the book of Genesis and in references to it throughout the Bible. See below for links to sermons, songs, stories and entertaining sites for the Creation story.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. — Genesis 1:1 <HCSB>

The Creation Story Summary

“In the beginning God created…” those initial words in Genesis 1 lay the groundwork for the entire Creation story. It also says so much about our Creator. Love creates and God is love (1 John 4:8). Like a master painter, he took a blank canvas and created the entire physical universe. One cannot look at the world we live in and not come to the same conclusion as David did when he wrote Psalm 19:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Although many would argue that the world was just some big cosmic accident. It takes a heck of a lot more faith to believe that all the beauty of this world and the variety of life just sort of happened one day. To not see the careful planning in even the smallest creature is beyond comprehension.

With simple, but powerful faith-filled words, God spoke the earth into existence. He created man and woman in His image and gave them life by breathing His Spirit into them. During this brief week of incredible creativity, we see the real nature of God in His works. Only love could create a human that was capable of both good and evil and then give them the freewill to choose.

According to Genesis, there were seven days of Creation.

Day 1 – God creates light and separates it from darkness. Genesis 1:1-5
Day 2 – God creates the sky. Genesis 1:6-8
Day 3 – God creates land, seas and plants. Genesis 1:9-13
Day 4 – God creates sun, moon and stars. Genesis 1:14-19
Day 5 – God creates fish and birds. Genesis 1:20-23
Day 6 – God creates animals and man. Genesis 1:24-31
Day 7 – God creates a day of rest. Genesis 2:1-3

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created. Life was in Him, and that life was the light of men. That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it.— John 1:1-5 <HCSB>

Read the Creation Story in five popular translations – AMP, KJV, HCSB, NIV, The Message:

The Creation Story

Genesis 1:1-31 – The Creation story

Genesis 2:1-25 – God creates Adam & Eve.

Genesis 3:1-24 – The fall of man

Key Old Testament Verses Related to Creation
Exodus 20:11 –  God explains that the Sabbath should be a day of rest because He rested on the seventh day of Creation.

Job 38:1-41 – God asks where Job was when God created the world.

Psalm 8:1-8 – A Psalm by David on God’s glorious creation.

Psalm 19:1-6 – A Psalm by David on the witness of creation.

Psalm 33:1-9 – A Psalm of praise to the Creator.

Psalm 95:1-7 – A Psalm of praise to the Creator by those under His care.

Psalm 104:1-35 – A Psalm of praise to God the Creator.

Key New Testament verses related to Creation
John 1:1-5 – Everything was created through Jesus, the Word.

Acts 17:22-34 – Paul teaches the Athenians about the Creator in the Areopagus.

Romans 1:18-23 – God’s eternal power and divine nature can be seen in Creation.

For more references to Creation click here.

Check out all the wonderful Christian content linked below and learn more about Creation.

Children’s Bible Stories – Scriptures and Adaptations on the Creation Story

In the beginning – Children’s Version of the book of Genesis chapter 1

God’s Creation – The story of creation

The 7 Days of Creation – An animated story about creation

The Beginning of All Things – The story of creation

God’s Creation – Short Bible stories for kids including creation, Adam & Eve and Cain and Abel

Creation – The Story – The complete illustrated summary of Creation in an easy to share form.
Translations available: Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, French, Portuguese – Includes lesson plans, quiz and other helpful materials

Garden of Eden – The Brick Testament – The Creation story told with Legos. Interesting twist for younger kids

Children’s Stories – Original Fiction Based on the Creation Story

A Twinkle in the Dark – A children’s story about creation by Barbara Wilmerton Haas.

The First Man – A story about Adam, the first man by Barbara Wilmerton Haas.

The Carpenter and the Little End Table – A Christian short story about the love between a creator and his creation

Children’s Activities, Crafts, Coloring Pages, Music, Plays & Poetry for the Creation Story

The Elephant in Eden – Story, video, activity pages and parent guide on the story of Creation from the Bible. Teaches the foolishness of sin. Best for younger children.

The Biblical Creation Story – The Creation Story presented in coloring pages

Creation Song – Sung to the tune “I’m a Little Teapot”

The Creation Song – Sung to the tune “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

God Made the Animals A thru Z – Short Creation play for children

Amazing Beach Days – God Made the Animals – An object lesson and play for kids on Creation from Bread of Life Ministries

Time Machine Days – Adam & Eve – An object lesson and play for kids on creation from Bread of Life Ministries

Creation Songs – Songs about creation including: “Creation Song” sung to the tune of “London Bridge”, “Days of Creation” sung to “This Old Man”

ABC’s of Creation – Story, video, activity pages and parent guide on the story of Creation from the Bible. best for younger children

Children’s Sermons & Lessons on Creation

God Made Our World – A Creation lesson plan

In the Beginning – A children’s sermon on creation

Made In Eden – A children’s sermon on Adam and Eve’s creation

The Snowman – A children’s sermon on God’s creation of man

Devotions, Discussions & Sermons and Other Resources About the Creation Story

Teaching Creation – Creation links and ideas

In the beginning…The Creation Story – Genesis Chapter 1 – Coloring pages, crafts, story links, Creation Mobile, Creation Mini Book, Creation Felt Board Characters, Creation Printable Activity Sheets

Creation Story – Bible Crafts and Activities for Sunday School

Creation Science Lessons and Curriculum – Links and sources for purchase on the Creation story and Creation science. Review materials carefully before using or purchasing.

The Seven Days Of Creation – An overview of the Genesis account

Christian Geology Ministry – An excellent site with information on the earth that existed before creation. If you’ve been troubled by the alleged differences between scientific discoveries and the Biblical accounts of creation and Noah’s flood, this site is for you.

Garden of Eden – A good secular summary of the Garden of Eden – includes paragraphs on etymology, possible locations, art and modern fictional references.

The Garden of Eden: A Modern Landscape – An extensive and documented discussion on the probable location of the Garden of Eden using geological, archaeological, and theological literature sources.

Is the Creation Story a Recreation Story? – A short, but fascinating article discussing hints in the Jewish text about the Genesis account being a recreation story. This is from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Genesis 1 – Extensive notes on the first chapter of Genesis by Lambert Dolphin.

Did God Really Take 6 Days? – A lengthy article on the subject of the number of days it took God to create the world.

Creation Scripture References – A long list of verses that reference Creation

What Happened between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? – Even as a young boy reading my kid’s RSV Bible, I knew there was something significant in these first two verses. If you have wondered as well, I recommend the following book. How to Enjoy the Bible: 12 Basic Principles for Understanding God’s Word was written by E. W. Bullinger and originally published in 1916. This book is a must for every serious Bible student and is available at the link above on Amazon. Here are two excerpts on this subject from this work: The Account of Creation and The World That Then Was.

Please Note: There are many sites related to the Creation/Evolution debate. I have purposely listed only a few. It is my belief that you will win more to Christ by demonstrating God’s power and love to others rather than trying to win a scientific debate. I am confident that ultimately, the scientific record will harmonize with God’s Word. God has placed many clues in His Word that will clear up much confusion regarding the Earth’s history. For those Believers that are curious, take a fresh look at the Creation story in the original Hebrew, and also the origin of Lucifer/Satan, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth. Everything in the Word is there to be revealed to those who are searching. (Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, Psalm 90:1-2, Psalm 104, Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:1-19, Jeremiah 4:23-26, Luke 10:18, 2 Peter 2:4-9, 2 Peter 3, Jude 1:6)


Search for Other Christian Web Sites.


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  1. Susan Miles says:

    Two of us told this story as flower puppets last week for Children’s Story during worship service. The children were in awe, but it was the adults that were asking for more. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories. They are truly a blessing.

  2. Grandma has free lessons for preschoolers about God’s creation. You’ll find them at:

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